The Best Way To Buy Diamond Rings

0.70 Carat Diamond Ring

0.70 Carat Diamond Ring

As with designs for diamond rings, which there are a multitude, there are many different places to buy this type of jewelry.

As we all know, buying jewelry, especially diamonds in a jewelry shop at the mall is expensive.  These types of stores have huge mark-ups on all fine jewelry.  The good news is there is a better way to buy, and that is to cut the middle men out and deal direct with the jewelry manufacturer.

The way I recommend, so you pay the lowest prices for jewelry, is to use a factory direct jewelry seller.  This is a seller that is also the manufacturer of the jewelry – or so most say.  Some of these so-called direct sellers are, in fact, resellers as they are buying in jewelry for other countries and reselling as direct.  These guys are easy to spot as you can see that much of their jewelry is on sale by other sellers online.  Image searches are a good way of finding if the piece you are looking for being sold by on other jewelry sites.

If you find a real manufacturer that sells factory direct diamond rings you will find that their prices are extremely low, in comparison to retail stores, and their jewelry is unique to them.  If you then do an image search you will only find duplicate images where that manufacturer is selling on their own website and maybe on Amazon or eBay.

When you have found a jewelry manufacturer online that sells direct, make sure their website has their full contact information and telephone number.  Given that you are buying an expensive ring, I would call the support telephone number to actually speak to a representative.  Ensure they offer a full satisfaction guarantee and will resize the ring should it be needed. Many times rings that are supposedly of the same size are actually a little different.  It could also be that you need a half size.  A reputable seller will offer services like free ring sizing so make sure you check with their support staff.

They should also provide, with all diamond jewelry, a certificate of authenticity showing the carat and clarity of the diamond(s).  This certificate, which should be proved for free, can be used to insure your new piece of expensive diamond jewelry.

The bottom line is that sometimes it is easier to view diamond rings in a physical store, but, buying at the physical store is going to cost you a lot more money than buying factory direct.  Browse jewelry stores at the mall and take pictures, then go and find online factory direct sellers that have a very similar ring.  It doesn’t take much time and it will save you a lot of money.  If you can’t find the exact ring, call the jewelry manufacturer and ask them to custom make it for you.  This will cost more but, typically, still much less than in a retail store on the high street.


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