How To Find Out The Quality Of Your Gold

Acid-Test Kit For Gold

Acid-Test Kit For Gold

Gold is one of the most valued and rewarding metals. However, selling and buying it needs watchful eye and knowledge to avert cases of being swindled. This is basically, because it is usually hard to tell whether or not it is genuine. It requires technical skills and knowledge to determine its authenticity. So, before trying to get – cash for gold jewelry you need to test your items and here are some of the ways of determining the quality of the gold item that you may be having.

Karat is the measurement used to determine the quality of gold.

For instance, 24 karat gold is the purest gold since it is 100% pure. The other karats include 10, 12, 14 and 18 and each represents 40, 50, 60 and 75 percent respectively. The ideal way to establish how pure the gold you are having is; is by purchasing a specific kit called acid-gold test kit. It usually consists of acids to test a wide range of karats gold, Needles for scrapping and black stone for testing. You should however, be careful when handling the test acids and keep them away from children.

Start by scratching your gold on the black stone continuously until you are in a position to see a solid line. Thereafter, make another scratch using one of the scratch needles available in the test kit. Now, Place some drip of your respective karat gold item on the acid. Place one more drip over the scuff from the needle to compare. Watch keenly and when acidic solution liquefies scratch from your gold material, it shows that your gold is below 10 karat gold.

Repeat the steps accordingly and test using 14 karat gold acid. When it dissolves, it shows that it’s below 14 karat gold, but if it gradually dissolves and leaves some marks visible on stone, chances are that it is 12 karat gold. Again, repeat the same initial steps accordingly, with the acid used for testing 18 karat gold. When the scratch fails to dissolves rapidly, it’s an indication that its fairly below 18 karat gold.


Gold Acid Test Demo

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