The Best Way To Buy Diamond Rings

0.70 Carat Diamond Ring

0.70 Carat Diamond Ring

As with designs for diamond rings, which there are a multitude, there are many different places to buy this type of jewelry.

As we all know, buying jewelry, especially diamonds in a jewelry shop at the mall is expensive.  These types of stores have huge mark-ups on all fine jewelry.  The good news is there is a better way to buy, and that is to cut the middle men out and deal direct with the jewelry manufacturer.

The way I recommend, so you pay the lowest prices for jewelry, is to use a factory direct jewelry seller.  This is a seller that is also the manufacturer of the jewelry – or so most say.  Some of these so-called direct sellers are, in fact, resellers as they are buying in jewelry for other countries and reselling as direct.  These guys are easy to spot as you can see that much of their jewelry is on sale by other sellers online.  Image searches are a good way of finding if the piece you are looking for being sold by on other jewelry sites.

If you find a real manufacturer that sells factory direct diamond rings you will find that their prices are extremely low, in comparison to retail stores, and their jewelry is unique to them.  If you then do an image search you will only find duplicate images where that manufacturer is selling on their own website and maybe on Amazon or eBay.

When you have found a jewelry manufacturer online that sells direct, make sure their website has their full contact information and telephone number.  Given that you are buying an expensive ring, I would call the support telephone number to actually speak to a representative.  Ensure they offer a full satisfaction guarantee and will resize the ring should it be needed. Many times rings that are supposedly of the same size are actually a little different.  It could also be that you need a half size.  A reputable seller will offer services like free ring sizing so make sure you check with their support staff.

They should also provide, with all diamond jewelry, a certificate of authenticity showing the carat and clarity of the diamond(s).  This certificate, which should be proved for free, can be used to insure your new piece of expensive diamond jewelry.

The bottom line is that sometimes it is easier to view diamond rings in a physical store, but, buying at the physical store is going to cost you a lot more money than buying factory direct.  Browse jewelry stores at the mall and take pictures, then go and find online factory direct sellers that have a very similar ring.  It doesn’t take much time and it will save you a lot of money.  If you can’t find the exact ring, call the jewelry manufacturer and ask them to custom make it for you.  This will cost more but, typically, still much less than in a retail store on the high street.


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The Importance Of Using An Established Gold Buyer

Choosing from one of the numerous available gold buyers isn’t something that it is possible to simply do in a few seconds and expect to get a reliable one. It really is something that needs to be cautiously explored and investigated and that means you get the best support and highest prices. The following advice offer insight in to the process that you need to follow to make sure you are working with trustworthy gold buyers.

Once you learn of a member of family or buddy who has tried to market gold, they might just give you the type of tips you need to have. These folks will suggest great buyers of gold and will also give you observations on where one can obtain the best deals. If you want to market your gold for the best prices, obtaining a referral for someone you trust is one way it is possible to guarantee you locate a perfect buyer.

Prior to when you decide on a gold buyer, it is essential to ensure that you examine their business web site. Firstly make certain they provide a totally free gold request pack as you certainly shouldn’t be paying to get your gold, pieces of jewelry or gold and silver coins appraised. Make sure the web site shows genuine samples of payouts they have made fairly recently plus they offer a customer care phone line where one can get help from a genuine person.

Their webpage must give you details on exactly how shipments of your gold pieces are covered and how your gold packages are tracked during transportation. It will also clearly show the type of jewelry and items which are approved and the step-by-step process you have to follow to really get your items evaluated.

Next, make sure the website shows the techniques used to cover you and just how long it will take that you should receive payment. All obligations must also have a full and complete fulfillment guarantee in order that if, for just about any reason, you aren’t pleased with the payment amount, you may get your items back. Certainly, this must all become free to you.

Essentially, if the gold buyer’s website will not let you efficiently see how so submit your items, the method that you receives a commission, offer phone assistance and a complete guarantee, you should move ahead and continue together with your search for another gold buyers.

The internet includes a wealth of information that you could easily find through the use of among the major search engines. Use assorted search key phrases such that include gold buyer and your city, for example “Los Angeles Gold Buyer” and you will find many providers, both local and that offer their services through the internet.

One thing you need to observe when considering these review websites, is that lots of them are in fact associated with the gold purchasers they review and also get right up to ten percent commission on all of the transactions that result from their website. This, regrettably, implies that not all review therefore called “scam” sites could be trusted as many of them build these websites for profit, recommending the customer that pays them probably the most.

Another essential requirement is that of assistance. This again ought to be on the buyer’s web site. Fundamentally, if you are searching for reputable money for gold online purchasers, you need to ensure it is possible for you to get in touch with them if you want help. If you go to a buyer’s website and you also find out they have not posted a telephone number so you can speak to an actual person, you need to move on to another provider. If their contact number is on the site, call it and be sure you can talk to a genuine person.

One final element that will assist you to recognize whether you’re coping with reputable gold buyers or simply some bogus businesses is that of satisfaction assurances. The buyer not only must offer you proper avenues to utilize in marketing gold and the obligations methods they use, in addition they need to give a complete warranty. If, for reasons unknown, you are not content with the settlement they provide, you need to be entirely sure you may get your gold and Jewelry back again. Selling your gold ought to be as hassle-free as you possibly can and having a warranty is among the services that needs to be provided.

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Is Platinum An Investment To Look At

Investing in precious metal may be one of the most viable plans for long term investment. However, a concern arises when it comes to the selection of which precious metal to consider for an investment. The mentioning of precious metals draws people’s thoughts to gold and silver forgetting that some other precious metals such as platinum still exist. The popularity and the dominance of gold and silver may have blinded people from viewing the actual value of platinum in the market. As a matter of facts, investing in platinum can fetch a good price particularly when the investor applies good timing and planning in purchasing and selling platinum.

There are several options for investors who intend to engage in precious metal trading. An investor can purchase platinum coins or bars and resell them when the price of platinum appreciates. On the other hand, investor can engage in platinum trading without purchasing the physical metal. The greatest challenge in platinum investment is to identify the best period for the resale of platinum. Investors can make use of exchange traded funds to establish the price of platinum at a particular period. Exchange traded funds allow investors to participate in the stock market without selling the actual platinum.

In the last few years, the platinum marketing platform has recorded a significant shortfall in the supply of platinum from the mining industries. These supply and demand imbalances create a good opportunity for investors to trade through exchange traded funds and make money without selling physical platinum. Founded statistics show that the market value of platinum is very close to that of gold and silver. Therefore, it is possible for an investor in platinum trading to compete effectively with an investor dealing with the sale and purchase gold or silver in terms of profits.

Normally, prices in the commodity market fluctuate due to varied reasons. Prices and gains from investments concerning platinum are bound to change over time. As a result, Potential investors should make keen observations on the prices in order to predict future drops or increases in platinum prices. The state in the main mining industries and legislation on the mining, purchase or sale of platinum have a great impact on the price changes in platinum trading.

The popularity of platinum is gradually gaining ground among investors. This is because of the high monetary value of platinum and the increase in its industrial use. Precisely, investing in platinum trading is a viable idea to many investors today. However the quality of platinum and its potential to appreciate are relevant concerns that every investor should look for when purchasing platinum. For instance, the value of precious metal in the form of jewelry may not appreciate because of the nature of the fashion industry. In the fashion industry, items lose value with every invention of new designs.

Although investing in platinum is seen as a long term venture, investors can make money from platinum on a short term basis. Investor can draw short term gains of an investment that deals with platinum by trading off platinum futures. Such trading requires the investor to create open an account under futures trade in order to access the profits. The investor should work closely with a registered commodity futures broker who provides relevant guidance in the trade.


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How To Find Out The Quality Of Your Gold

Acid-Test Kit For Gold

Acid-Test Kit For Gold

Gold is one of the most valued and rewarding metals. However, selling and buying it needs watchful eye and knowledge to avert cases of being swindled. This is basically, because it is usually hard to tell whether or not it is genuine. It requires technical skills and knowledge to determine its authenticity. So, before trying to get – cash for gold jewelry you need to test your items and here are some of the ways of determining the quality of the gold item that you may be having.

Karat is the measurement used to determine the quality of gold.

For instance, 24 karat gold is the purest gold since it is 100% pure. The other karats include 10, 12, 14 and 18 and each represents 40, 50, 60 and 75 percent respectively. The ideal way to establish how pure the gold you are having is; is by purchasing a specific kit called acid-gold test kit. It usually consists of acids to test a wide range of karats gold, Needles for scrapping and black stone for testing. You should however, be careful when handling the test acids and keep them away from children.

Start by scratching your gold on the black stone continuously until you are in a position to see a solid line. Thereafter, make another scratch using one of the scratch needles available in the test kit. Now, Place some drip of your respective karat gold item on the acid. Place one more drip over the scuff from the needle to compare. Watch keenly and when acidic solution liquefies scratch from your gold material, it shows that your gold is below 10 karat gold.

Repeat the steps accordingly and test using 14 karat gold acid. When it dissolves, it shows that it’s below 14 karat gold, but if it gradually dissolves and leaves some marks visible on stone, chances are that it is 12 karat gold. Again, repeat the same initial steps accordingly, with the acid used for testing 18 karat gold. When the scratch fails to dissolves rapidly, it’s an indication that its fairly below 18 karat gold.


Gold Acid Test Demo

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Is Now The Time To Sell Gold?

Gold is one of the most precious commodities in the world. Possessing gold is even more precious than having money. However, the buying and selling of gold is a very sensitive affair for many investors.

gold bullion

Credit Suisse Gold Bullion


For first time traders and dealers, it is even more confusing. Knowing the right time to sell or buy gold has always been a puzzle for many individuals.

Many fundamental factors determine the current trends of the gold market. The gold trading scenarios usually vary but these fundamental factors are common everywhere. If there is a decline in gold value, most of the economies become unstable. Because it is difficult to determine the gold price, many investors always wonder when is the right time to sell or buy this precious commodity.

Is now the time to sell gold? This question brings more puzzles than answers. You should start considering selling your gold if the actual interest rate has risen to a bigger percentage that is higher than usual. Yet on the face of it, the gold to oil ratio is equally a determinant factor. If this ratio escalates to about 20 barrels per ounce, it could be the right time to sell your gold.

To date, the trend continues and gold remains a valuable asset that is very complicated to determine its price. Before you can determine whether it is the right time to sell your gold, fundamental factors such as demand and supply ought to be meticulously scrutinized. Even if you are an inexperienced investor, mastering the determinant factors will make things easy for you. Another factor to look act is the global inflation and this affects the price more if it involves the USA.

Even more importantly, real interest rates particularly in the USA will greatly influence the price of gold. In general, inflation and global money supply are the two major determinant factors that affect the price of gold.

If you do decide that now is the time to sell, you are then going to have to figure-out where to sell.  One of the best ways is to sell gold online to one of the many buyers out there who offer these services.  You can do your research online , pick several and then contact each of these buyers to figure out who you want to deal with.

Casting a 1 Troy Ounce Gold Bullion Bar

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A Short History of Silver Prices

Silver is the most popular used precious metal currently. Additionally, its production is more than that of other important metals such as gold. It is availability is twelve times that of gold hence, it is relatively popular for making jewellery, house hold items and for industrial use. Silver is very popular that it is used in making of currency coins in various countries. A short history of silver prices in the market indicates its value which varies at particular times.

How Silver Is Mined Part I

In the 1960′s silver was being sold at fairly lower prices than that of contemporary times. It was selling at $0.5 per ounce. The prices then began rising steadily so that in the year 1970′s silver was selling at the price of $1.88 per ounce. During the 1980′s silver prices varied and were not stable in the market. In 1980 silver short to a price of $49 and then sharply declined. In 1983 silver was selling at $5 per ounce. The price then rose to $15 in 1985. it then decreased to a low of $4 in 1983. In 1988 silver was trading at the price $7.5. It then experienced a downward gravitation in the early 1990′s.

In 1990, silver was selling at a price of $4.8 per ounce. In the year 1993, silver was selling at the price of $4.8. In 1995, it then averagely was selling at $5 per ounce. The prices then decreased to $4.9 in 1998. The price was not stable but traded in a fairly small range between $ 5 and $4.9 per ounce from 1999 to 2000.

In the beginning of the 21st century the prices of silver rose to trade at $4.95 to $5.45. This rise in the prices was attributed to the high demand that the metal was experiencing in the global market. In 2011 silver prices rose sharply to $48 then dropped to an average of $27 in 2012. Silver use in the market of electronics has soared its current prices to high levels that have never been experienced in history. Currently silver is being sold at a relative price of $24.66 per ounce in the United States.

How Silver Is Mined Part 2

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